1. Electrical Condition Report

Electrical Condition Report

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) also known as a periodic inspection report (PIR) is a report on the condition of an existing fixed wired electrical installation to determine it’s condition against the standard set out in BS7671 IEE wiring regulations.

An electrical installation condition report involves two main stages:

  • Visual Inspection – Our engineers will carry out a series of visual checks to ensure that your electrical systems are in a safe condition
  • Electrical Testing – A number of electronic tests are carried out by injecting test voltages and current through the circuits to determine the integrity and functionality of cables, accessories and disconnection devices.

The report will identify any defects found under the observations section and give them a code in relation to their severity which will be either a C1, C2, C3 or FI. You will need to have all C1 and C2 defects rectified for you to be compliant and Further Investigation (FI) will be required without delay. For more information about coding please click here.

Periodic Inspection and Testing forms an important part of any Health and Safety system. The Health & Safety Executive recommend that in order to comply with the current BS7671 Wiring Regulations an electrical inspection and testing programme should be undertaken at all places of work. The purpose of your Fixed Wiring Report is to officially report on the condition of your electrical installation.

Electrical testing will require the main supply to be isolated and with careful planning can be done with little disruption to your business.

On completion of the tests we will provide you with a comprehensive report accredited by the NICEIC on the condition of the fixed wire electrical installation for your business. This report will detail the status of your installation along with any remedial work necessary to bring it back into a safe condition.

Electrical Installation Condition reports should be retained for the lifetime of the installation and should be made available by the client to any contractor who carries out the inspection and test in the future.

Regular inspection of an electrical installation of a property is an essential part of any preventive maintenance programme.

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