1. Data Installation

Data Installation

Having a reliable IT and telephone system is crucial to most businesses whose reliability and performance depend heavily on the quality of the company’s communications cabling infrastructure.

Amped Up have expertise in designing and installing structured cabling which can be combined with power and containment to provide a complete solution to your data requirements creating network flexibility for your business, we can provide the following:

Generic cabling – Traditionally buildings have different cabling systems for different communication systems. Generic cabling simplifies future needs by standardising all cables and connector types.

Flood wiring – Cabling is installed and ready to use in all possible locations on a given site, cutting the cost of future expansion and minimising disruption.

Patch panels – These allow different outlets to be used for dissimilar systems. This means that any outlet can be used for voice, Ethernet, RS23, video or other series, simply by changing the patching configuration.

We can take the pain out of your forward-planning by helping you to conceive a long-term strategy to facilitate your company’s future data cabling requirements. We’ll structure your data cabling system professionally so that it can handle:

  • Many years of growth in the number of system users
  • Increases in the number of IT systems in use simultaneously
  • Moves and changes in staff locations.
I have used Amped Up for many years now and they always respond quickly when called upon, I would definitely recommend their services which are always to a very high standard. Rajinder Mehat, Franchise Owner, Subway

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